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Buying this package will give you an insight into my process as well as allowing me to continue developing new strange XR apps!   As I make new ones, I will upload them for y'all to try. 

I *can't* guarantee that all of these will work, or even make sense. However, I  *can* guarantee that they are very weird!

Currently included are the following sketches:

4L1: An experiment in size constraints! you can 'blow' on the big walls, and also make sure that you stick your head in back wall! If you happen to have the exact size and layout of my old room, plop your mattress on the floor and align it to that awesome flowery bed!

Gallery-r : This was one made with Luke Iannini, the briliant mind behind 'Rumpus VR' . We wanted to see what it was like to do some fun lil ray trace toys within VR

jRoom: Multiplayer strange land where you can hang out with some jellyfish

lizRoomBug: This was an earlier version of my lil donut tests. With this one you can press the thumb pad to 'freeze' the jiggliness in its current position, slowly disforming the space into nothingnesss

McScene2 : a test of outdoor photogrammetry taken during a trip to glacier national park

peaceParticles:  A simple particle sim to play with!

PlayRoom: A bunch of gooeyness combined with ropes strings and grass! was on show on Adobe!

pTairy2: Paint with goo and then play it like a theramin! make sure you grab the blocks and throw them through the paint!

RingF3: Ring Grub, which was shown at SFMoMa! get small and big and play around !

sp7: a gooey lil space puppy with some surrounding crystals!

teepsCabeepsv1: an attempt at a strange avatar!

There are more to come, especially if this bundle does well! Please leave comments on what you like and don't like!

I love you!

Isaac ( cabbibo )

StatusIn development
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TagsAudio, audiovisual, Experimental, particles, rainbow, steamvr, Virtual Reality (VR), weird


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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sp7.zip 21 MB
gallery-r.zip 4 MB
McScene2.zip 19 MB
pTairy2.zip 14 MB
jRoom.zip 80 MB
RingF3.zip 60 MB
teepCabeepsV1.zip 16 MB
PlayRoom.zip 37 MB
lizRoomBug.zip 44 MB
4L1.zip 30 MB


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Stellar stuff, you might have seen my comments both on Twitter and Reddit already, but here's a link to a video of me trying all this out and doing my best at running commentary, what I usually do when I test things. It was hard here as it's, well, almost impossible to describe what I am looking at 😅 More comments and my top picks in the video description 😁

More please! It would also be remarkably awesome if you included the source code for some/all of these. I know that makes licencing tricky but you're relying on good will for the pricing so I think most people would do the right thing.

Oh ya! I wish I could do that! the biggest problem I am facing with that is that my computer with most of this stuff got demolished and I just so happen to be *horrific* at using git :p I will upload all the projects I can find to a good drive and link em here :) But I 10000% agree! Open Source or Die!  ( I keep all repos public except my contract work which explicity disallows it so you can look through here: https://github.com/cabbibo?page=2&tab=repositories ) and see if any of them meet your needs! ( goo hair grass is probably the best for reading :p )